WordPress Blogging For Profit Marketing Map

Ok, I’ve got a WordPress Blog…

How do I start earning money with it?  Its a simple question that I’d like to answer for you.

The reason I started doing these online video tutorials almost 15 years ago was pretty simple, I wanted to make it easy to learn for myself.  I need to see, hear and then do what was required with a Step-by-Step process.

Once I had a bunch of videos in a series it turned out that I had a bunch or sequence of processes so I made a mind map to collect all my thoughts into a single sheet, one I could reference at a glance.   This became my “WordPress Marketing Map” and I’d like you to have a copy to follow too.

The best part is that the map reflects the videos in a sequence in the site that make it easy to follow along on the site as well as on the Marketing Map.

Here are a couple of versions available for immediate download.

WordPress Blogging For Profit Marketing Map Image – A large image you can view on 1 page.

Interactive WordPress Marketing Map – You can open and close sections of the map with the Adobe PDF

WordPress Blogging For Profit Marketing ProcessA sequence of tasks you can apply to generate real recurring revenues with your WordPress Powered Blog



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