Twitter vs. Facebook?

An interesting article from WebProNews suggests that recent changes at Twitter are aimed at challenging Facebook.   Take a look at the article and think how these play  into your thumbidextrous lifestyle?

It would appear that Twitter is getting more serious about competing with Facebook. Obviously there has been a lot of overlap between the two social networks (though neither actually likes to be called “social network”), but Twitter is getting a lot more aggressive in its strategy.

Facebook has certainly become a lot more Twitter-like over the years, particularly with its news feed feature, but Twitter has done little to become more Facebook-like. However, this week alone, Twitter has launched the new “follow” button which can already be seen right alongside the Facebook “like” button on many sites. It has also announced a new photo upload feature and search revamp to make results more relevant – both things Facebook offers.

Is Twitter Becoming the Real Facebook Alternative? | WebProNews

WordPress, Twitter and Facebook are all keys to your personal publishing empire, each with it’s own way of keeping you  in front of your social network for sure.  Take a look at the article though and see if you can use some of these new “facebook like” features at twitter to improve your thumbidextrous stream.

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