Turn Marketing Mistakes into Moments

Screw-Ups Happen!

There I said it!  Mistakes are always going to happens so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them and turn marketing mistakes into marketing moments.

Remember from my last podcast we talked about making what you do easy to remember?  I called it creating Marketing moments’.

The last thing you want to do is create marketing moments’ that are less than golden.

Just like we did when we tried to give away the WordPress Mastery Course at our Learning site FullContact Courses.

We screwed up – trying to give away a great course on how to get started blogging with WordPress – but having the membership software we were using NOT give any access to the course we were giving away!

Definitely not the moment we wanted to share.

Listen to today’s marketing podcast and learn how we screwed up and more importantly when you’re ready take advantage of how we’re going to turn a marketing mistake into a marketing moment.

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