How To Create a Lead Magnet

How To Create a Lead Magnet

How To Build Your List with a Lead Magnet

It’s the start of the sales funnel so pay attention!

The idea is simple, build your list but how do you exactly do that? What are the technical steps
and pieces involved. I’m assuming that you’ve got some idea of what your sales funnel looks like and what you need to do to convert those visitors and emails you collect. This info graphic gives you the technical guidelines on what the actual steps.

We’ve included a list of tools and resources for you that you’ll need to make these the key to your online sales.

Here’s some to get started:


Download your copy now and start building your list. If you a Lead Magnet and Opt-in pages created for you, stay tuned for our new service at

If you are the DIY type checkout our WordPress Tutorials.



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