How To Add A Calendar To Your WordPress Site

Want to Start a Blog with an Event Calendar?

… maybe even sell tickets to your online events?

If you are using Events as part of your Content Marketing strategy for the WordPress Blog you have created these 10 WordPress Tutorials will reveal a number of great options for adding a calendar to your blog…

and yes sell tickets directly to the attendees!

First off, I’m assuming that you were able to create a blog and that you have it setup the way you want.   Enroll in the free WordPress Mastery Course if you haven’t done that yet.

Next you’ll need to pick a Calendar Plugin for WordPress.  We recommend 3 in the 50 Best WordPress Plugins report.

  1. The Event Calendar
  2. Event Espresso
  3. All In One Event Calendar

All three plugins do a great job with subtle differences depending on what other WordPress plugins you are using and if you focus is on selling tickets or sharing event information.

10 All In One Calendar Plugin How-To Videos – Watch Now

We’ve been using the All In One Event Calendar on a number of sites so we added our How To Setup and Use the All in One Event Calendar Course and Video Tutorials to the site.

Here’s what You’ll Learn:  

  • How to install the All In One Event Calendar
  • How to Setup Your Event Calendar Page How To Adjust How Your Event Calendar Displays
  • Advanced Calendar Display Setting
  • Adding Your First Calendar Event
  • What Your Attendee View
  • How To Add Recurring Calendar Events
  • How To Add a Calendar Widget To Your Sidebar
  • How to Change the Style and Colors of your Calendar
  • How To Sell From Your Calendar

Have the team at WPBlogSupport create install and setup your WordPress Calendar for you.

Learn How To Use The All In One Event Calendar and Start Selling Event Tickets