cPanel – Learn The Basics With This Free Course

When you have an online business I guarantee sooner rather than later you’ll have to login to cPanel.

What’s cPanel? It’s the Control Panel for your web business.

I’ve uploaded a free course with 18 lessons that reveal how to get around cPanel and importantly for you, show you how to do simple things that everyone with an online business HAS to do.

See The List Of cPanel Lessons

Take the lessons and learn how to do the simple things that you should NEVER have to pay a “techy” person to do.

Stuff Like:

  • Create an email address
  • Create an email address that forwards to another address
  • Addon a New Domain Name
  • How To Block Email Junk
  • How To Adjust Mail Quotas

At the end of this free course you’ll have enough information to take care of most of your online business technical requirements.

You’ll even be able to install WordPress with the click of a button if you’re feeling adventurous!

… and don’t worry you can’t break anything by watching!

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