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WordPress Blog Makes 6 Figures in 5 Steps

6 Figures in 5 Steps The WordPress Blogging Formula doesn’t cost anything to use, it works like a charm and is easy to implement. It’s a solid proven process that increases sales. Download Your Free Copy Download Your Free Copy of Blogging Secrets And Follow the Easy to Implement Steps to… Avoid The Same Mistakes Mainstream Bloggers Make.  … Read more

New Video Theme Customization Tricks

I remember the days when I had to “hand code” html   to make a web page look way I wanted.  Now WordPress themes make   changing the look and feel of any Blog easy.  Watch what I mean with   these WordPress theme customization tricks. Watch This New Video 1000 WordPress Tutorials It’s a … Read more

Nokia Phablet Coming Soon

I’m a big fan Nokia Windows Phone Fan!  This recent news about an upcoming Nokia Windows Phablet has got me The FCC has approved Nokia’s plan to come out with a new 4G-enabled tablet which may end up being called the Lumia 2520. The documents and images released from the FCC filing provide little in … Read more

12 Key WordPress Tasks

There are as many types of Blogs as there are people.  That’s what makes WordPress and WordPress Blogging so much fun. With so many business owners and entrepreneurs turning to WordPress as the platform to build their business on I’m often asked for a checklist, steps that they should take when starting out. At FullContact … Read more

Every FullContact Site Has Been Updated To WordPress 3.6.1

If FullContact Sites is Maintaining, Managing or Hosting your WordPress Sites your’ in luck.   Your WordPress powered blogs have just been updated for you! Managed WordPress Sites are what we do – signup for your free account here. Here’s what happened to your sites with the latest update to WordPress 3.6.1 After nearly 7 million … Read more

Pagelines DMS Pro UP and Running At FullContact

You may have noticed some subtle changes at the FullContact Sites domain. Subtle on the outside – major on the inside!  We’ve upgraded the site are are now using the brand new DMS (Design Management Software) from Pagelines.  Unlike traditional WordPress Themes and WordPress Frameworks a DMS makes it drop dead easy to edit every … Read more

HostGator Issues with Dedicated Servers

If you’re aren’t already aware a number of FullContact Sites have had troubles today.  This is due to problems at Hostgator where some of our Dedicated servers are hosted. http://mashable.com/2013/08/02/bluehost-down/ We’re doing our best to get answers from the Datacenter and will update everyone as soon as we get some definite answers. Please accept my personal … Read more