Tips and Tricks From MySmallBiz Unviersity

Remove Checkout Friction

How Many Steps are In Your Order Process? I’m betting too many! Watch todays’ quick video lesson and learn the key to higher conversions on your web sites. The surprising thing about most WordPress sites, especially membership sites are all the hoops your potential members have to jump through, just to join!   Registering at the … Read more

Create Instant PodCasts and Products With Skype

While “Blogging” is now a mainstream marketing activity, there is a new kid on the multimedia block. Podcasting or the distribution of audio files to mobile subscribers with the use of  iTunes and RSS feeds. Learn How To Podcast With This Great Video. Running Time: 10 Minutes As you can imagine with so much multimedia … Read more

An Early Gift For Your Subscribers

Here’s a “No Strings Attached” gift that you can use as you see fit with YOUR LIST of Subscribers. It’s something I know they’ll appreciate based on the steady stream of positive messages I’ve recieved – and – a perfect way to add value to what you already offer your clients. Use This Link To … Read more

Transform Your Business From Your Smartphone

Mobile Social Media Secrets – Transform Your Small Business From Your Smartphone or Mobile Device! Download Your Free PDF Workbook: So how do all of these Social Media tools and services fit together with your Smartphone or Mobile Device? You have no doubt heard the buzzwords already but how do I get more business with … Read more

Microsoft is Socl

Microsoft is So COOL! Description: Today stodgy old Microsoft release a cool new social media app on to the world. Yes stodgy old Microsoft and it’s FUSE labs division. it’s a new free service called SoCl, pronounced “social” and you can sign up today with your facebook login or Microsoft account. Create Your Free Account … Read more

I give Pinterest another month or two…

Social Media hype. The latest example of overwhelming social media hype has to be for Pinterest. I give it another 30 to 60 days. Then everyone will be tired of it. So what if you can pin some photos and youtube videos up. The internet marketing crowd is quickly ruining a good social idea. How … Read more

Web Marketing For Dummies as a Domain Name

I’ve owned a great domain name for Web Marketers for almost 9 years now… but have not yet used it. has been in my back pocket since October of 2003. I just renewed the domain name for another year Record last updated on 05-Oct-2011. Record expires on 09-Oct-2012. Record created on 09-Oct-2003. When I first registered … Read more

How To Get Above The Crowd

As we all become more connected everyone needs to promote themselves online. Today more than ever it seems starting a small business or leveraging your special skills and abilities to build for the future or earn a little extra income REQUIRES a soapbox to stand on. It’s hard to get above the crowd.The big problem … Read more

Are marketers wrecking Facebook?

WebPro News had a great article on a topic that I’ve been writing about for a while now.  What is the real value of facebook and is it in trouble with Google + ??? Here’s a quick snip of the article: Web comics and videos are not the only place the “MySpaceing of Facebook” is … Read more