A Car Should Cost A Million Dollars

Why Doesn’t a Car Cost A Million Dollars?

I’m serious.

If you took the retail price of the parts that go into a car… each automobile SHOULD cost more than a million bucks.   How do I know?  Well listen to today’s podcast and I’ll explain how come I had to pay an arm and a leg for a fan that should have cost $20.

With so much information available online selling info products successfully requires a keen understanding of the same thing the car manufacture already knows….

Price/Product/Service/Value Bundling – you can see an example at the SmallBiz University Courses home page where I included a full year of Managed WordPress Hosting free with the one time purchase of a marketing course.

Creating a Compelling Value Proposition means making what you offering appear to the customer as being soooo much more valuable than the cost of there investment is one of the keys to converting new relationships in to new clients.

Listen to today’s marketing podcast think about your existing bundle of product and services.

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