Can Pagelines New DMS Save WordPress

First What is a DMS?

Lots of people have asked the question: “what is a design management system?” Is it a theme? Is it a framework?  What does it really mean to me as a WordPress user?

Well, here, let’s go over some of the concepts behind a DMS. What they mean, and why they matter.

The real reason all this matters is that the current options for WordPress Themes SUCK

Here’s a section from “Can Pagelines Save WordPress”

From Sad, but true.  Remember, this is from the perspective of someone who spends a lot of talking to clients and friends about these. I will often be the guy not only recommending a theme, but doing the customizing and support. Lets run over the big options fast so you can get a feel for my thought process.

  • Elegant Themes – some incredible designs, but overall too much work to customize to be worth it for me
  • ThemeForrest – some really good themes, but almost all from small vendors who I will never trust for long-term support
  • Headway – a good visual editor, but I spend too much time re-inventing the wheel to get anything done fast
  • Thesis – Slow development progress, too much upgrade pain, last generation technology
  • Genesis – Last generation technology, inefficient to customize
  • Woothemes (all but Canvas) – some great stuff, but I always seem to need to tweak something that is just too inflexible… it is baffling that all their themes are not based on Canvas.

All of which means that for the last year, the only serious contenders I had when building a new WordPress site that needed to deviate from the norm at all were PageLines 2.x and Woothemes Canvas.

Read the articles and decide for yourself if Pagelines and DMS is the way to go.  We think it is and that’s why we support and Managed WordPress sites powered by Pagelines.


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