Android the New Microsoft?

Since I’ve been online for so long… yes the early 90’s, I’ve seen my fair share of tech bashing.   Microsoft seemed to get it the worst especially when it came to security and malware which make me wonder if Google isn’t becoming the new whipping boy for bad security and malware much like Microsoft was last decade.


Case in point, this latest BI report which stated:


Nearly 100% Of Mobile Malware Attacks In 2013 Targeted Android Devices


ANDROID ATTACK: Cisco’s 2014 Annual Security Report goes into detail about mobile malware and the users that were most affected. Malware is short for "malicious software," meaning software that is used solely to gain access to a private computer system. The study found that an astonishing 99% of mobile malware attacks were targeted at Android devices. On top of this, users of Android devices encountered other forms of malware such as phishing (stealing data), likejacking (tricking social media users into "liking" a fake post), and forcible redirect (websites that take you straight to malware ads) more than anybody else, at roughly a 71% share.

It’s one of the biggest caveats to having an open source system. Security will always be a lot tougher to police. Clearly, allowing any number of third-party developers to infiltrate the system may ultimately lead to some malicious software floating around. Of course, sticking to Google Play and official app markets is likely the safest route. Cisco reports that the most common type of malware found to attack Android users was an illegitimate app repackaged as a normal app through a third-party, unofficial app store. Apple, with its locked-down software, only endured 14% of all forms of malware attacks compared to Android’s 71%.


What’s the moral of the story?


Whether it’s the desktop, the tablet or your phone think twice before adding another app to the roster of unused apps you’ve already download!  Better yet start using your SmartPhone for more than social, use it to market you and your business and thing strategically about the platform you use to represent who you are and what you do.


Do you really want to have or posted on everything you present to potential clients?

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