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Adwords Business Models for Mobile

Times are definelty changing for old adwords marketers.  I remember the days when adword marketers would publish hundreds of autopopulated blogs in any niche, each blog stuffed full of google ads in the hope that hungry surfers would click on the ads…. That’s changed of course and that type of business model has not been […]

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Out with my honey :) (@ Cinepl…

Out with my honey 🙂 (@ Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas) http://t.co/vnc4SjS

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Mobile Payments Isn’t A Gamble

Yeah it’s going to be big! NFC will be ubiquitous one day, but we still have quite a ways to go. Unlike other smartphone features, this requires adoption on a huge scale from just about everyone, which will definitely take a while. But we are getting closer. While Sprint fiddles with its Google Wallet, Verizon, […]

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How Important is Location To Facebook?

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any lenght of time you’ll already know that I’m a big location fan. In fact I’d bet the whole farm on location based marketing (if I had a farm to bet). There’s a huge business upside to location based offers – if users checkin – and that’s why […]

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Android Apps On Your RIM device?

RIM picking an ecosystem to play nice with?  I’m thinking they’ll have to pick one as they continue to struggle.   Here’s some news that might make the thumbidextrous crowd happy. RIM announced well in advance of the PlayBook’s launch that it would be able to play nice with certain Android apps, but aside from a […]

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RIM On The Ropes with Lame Music APP

Is this another example of RIM’s ship sinking? All reports of the RIM’s BBM based subscription music service isn’t going to fly. Seems they’ve tied your subscription to your list of friends… If you’re not that popular…. there’s less music for you to access. Forced continuity???? Though Slacker and Pandora have made the migration, the […]

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I’m at The Chamber at Ben Fran…

I’m at The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place (101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa) http://t.co/CGkFIHk

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This is location based social …

This is location based social marketing done right! http://t.co/NNtOmfc A #thumbidextrous customer gets the royal treatment from #mortens

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Mobile Advertising – You Aint Seen Nothin Yet

Like the BTO song of the 70’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet”. Take a quick look at the chart from Millennia Medias mobile advertising report. We’re just at the very bottom of a STEEP trend for mobile advertising. As users become more thumbidextrous and small businesses clue in were’ going to see the the fastest […]

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Back from a day in pickering (…

Back from a day in pickering (@ New York Fries) http://t.co/boRafBl

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