11 Key WordPress Marketing Map Tasks

WordPress Marketing Map – Infographic

Traffic, Conversion, List Building, Keywords… there’s always something to do to your WordPress Site when it comes to marketing.

My WordPress Marketing Map goes into these in detail – download a copy of our Marketing Map here – but I’m often asked if I could put together a  shorter version, a guideline to the process and steps you’ll need to take when it comes to marketing your WordPress site.

So here’s the 11 Marketing Map Steps in a simple Infographic.

WordPress Marketing Map Steps

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Theses Marketing Map steps never stop. Go through the first time and you’ll realize with constant feedback, your sales, ? there is always work to do and that’s part of the reason we offer WordPress Support.

It’s a rinse and repeat setup, fine tune what your doing and go through the process again to test and see if the changes you make to your setup change the success of your business.  Download your copy now and if you want a full copy of the entire Marketing Map you can find it here